Hello there, random person on the internet who stumbled upon my site!

My name is Charlotte Berry. I am 14, and born and raised in Hong Kong, but is now living and going to school in New Zealand. My hobbies include reading and writing poetry and stories, photography and eating food. This is a site that I created for myself to show my photos, my travel dreams and my love for food. Here I have complied. It is filled with places, bright colors, my favorite foods and tons of awesome photos! There is also a seperate link for you to go through with lots of photos taken from all sort of places! :)

Hope you like my website. Venture on, if you dare...


One of my favorite things to do is to take photos. It started off as a habit that rubbed off from my grandmother, who loved to take photos. She took photos of me, my family, of herself, or places that shes been to. She had drawers and drawers worth of photo albums and so many photos. Not only digitally but she would print them off quite often.

One day, I would love to be a travel photographer, go all around the world and see the wildest things and capture them on camera. I take a lot of my inspiration from National Geographic Photography. They take the most beautiful photos from all around the world!

They also have tons of articles and photostories and I learn loads about lives all around the world, and places to go and things to see. Everything I go on their site, something more will end up on my bucket list of places to go and things to do.


One of my other dreams is to travel all around the world, living in cramped rooms, walking along busy streets and seeing everything and anything. I want to do this because I live by the strong belief that if we are here only for a limited amount of time, I want to see everything and anything while and still can. I would have to go on road trips around Europe and the US, see the Auora Lights in Canda, go to places like Iceland and Norway. I want to go up the Mekong River in Asia, and eat foods from EVERYWHERE. I especially want to go to Europe when I grow up, and hopefully go to uni there too.


I love food. As in, if I didn't have school I would be spending my time eating and exploring new foods. If I ever travel around the world, I will be walking up and down the streets trying every bit of street food there is. My favorite cruisines are Italian food and Japanese food, because of their wide range and the way the food is styled. I love sushi, and one of my favorite Japanese foods is ramen noodles, miso soup, and Katsu chicken curry. (Good katsu chicken curry gives me the life that my soul lacks, and having a good bowl of oily ramen noodles is the first thing I do when I get back home.) My favorite Italian foods are lasanga, spagetti bolognese, and PIZZA! Classic magaherita pizza is my favorite, and I adore cheese! :) When I'm travelling all around the world, the first thing I'm going to do is start to try food that the locals would eat everyday, such as Vietnamese Pho, or traditional English Mash.